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Plymouth and Cornwall Cancer Fund (PCCF)

Welcome to the Plymouth and Cornwall Cancer Fund website. The Plymouth and Cornwall Cancer Fund is a local charity supporting local people with cancer under the care of Derriford Hospital and other local establishments that provide treatment and care. We do this through hardship grants, funding research projects and staff education, supporting complimentary staffing posts and hospital equipment.

The aims of the fund are:

  • To improve local facilities for the diagnosis & treatment of cancer
  • To improve local facilities for the care of cancer patients
  • To give assistance with the relief of hardship arising from cancer
  • To support local research
  • Promotion of cancer education

facebook“Thank you for the grant which you so kindly made to me for a chair. You cannot have any idea of what a godsend that chair is to me- each time I get into the chair I am so grateful to you”. MP, Patient

Our funding to do this comes mainly from local fundraising and our charity shop in Hyde Park, Plymouth. We are always looking for help with this (See Volunteering/fundraising). Whether it’s something like a coffee morning, a run or parachute jump, or supporting our charity shop. We need to keep money coming in to keep being able to support the requests we receive during these challenging economic times.