PCCF Testimonials

I am very grateful to the Plymouth and Cornwall Cancer Fund for funding attendance at a national cancer nurse education event. Education is vital for staff to maintain their skills in order for them to deliver current evidence based cancer care.

This particular course helped me in several ways. First globally gaining understanding of the government’s latest changes in health care delivery and how it will impact cancer patients. Then the more specific detail of setting up an acute oncology service (which is in process of set up at Derriford). Finally evidence was presented of the benefits of setting up site specific survivorship programmes for patients to better self manage their recovery post treatment.

Marilyn Bolter
UGI Oncology Nurse Specialist
Derriford Hospital

We are grateful to the Plymouth and Cornwall Cancer Fund for enabling us to fund Patient Held Records for cancer patients. Patient-held records in cancer care improve communication and information exchange between and within different levels of care and promote continuity of care and patients’ involvement in their own care. They are a vital addition to quality cancer care.

Tony Shute
Neuro Oncology Cancer Nurse Specialist
Derriford Hospital

“We are extremely grateful to PCCF for money – as we have been unable to get any help from any other source” CC, Patient

“How v grateful we are to receive this money towards travelling costs – we had never heard of your Charity until the Mustard Tree suggested PCCF might help – we send our thanks for your generous gift” J B, Patient.

PPCF funded overnight accommodation for patient’s wife – “this is much appreciated – the Old Age Pension does not go far these days. Thank you so much” JS, Patient

“Thank you for the grant which you so kindly made to me for a chair. You cannot have any idea of what a godsend that chair is to me- each time I get into the chair I am so grateful to you”. MP, Patient

“Just to let you know we received the cheque safely – thank you so much for organising this. It really makes a big difference to our financial situation”. KC, Patient