Supporting Diagnosis and Treatment

  • To improve local facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.

How to Apply for a Grant:

To support your application, healthcare professionals and staff caring for patients will need to provide the following:

– Description of the request
– Why it’s needed
– Why funding from PCCF is required
– How it will benefit patients
– Departmental support
– Total costs
– Any relevant evidence

For more information contact the secretary on 01752 220587

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Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT’s) of cancer specialists are important in ensuring all patients benefit from the full range of expert advice needed for high quality care. In recognition of this we have funded video conferencing and pathology equipment to enhance facilities available to these Teams in Derriford Hospital and across the Peninsula Cancer Network.

Funding for 2 laptop computers for Cancer Multidisciplinary Teams – £3000

Funding Video Camera and Monitor equipment for the Cancer Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Room – £318.75

Supported funding for of Cancer Multidisciplinary Team’s Video Conferencing Room – £32,000

Testimonials from members of the Oesophagogastric Group in support of the digital microimaging device kindly funded by Plymouth and Cornwall Cancer Fund:

The digital microscope has enabled all members of the cancer multidisciplinary team to see exactly where the cancer lies within the resected specimen. Having previously discussed the radiological images at the same meeting, visualising the resected specimen really brings it all home to the entire team, which is extremely valuable for education and future planning of operations. It closes the loop and allows us to all “sing from the same hymn sheet”. Mr Grant Sanders, Consultant Oesophagogastric surgeon.

“I attended the UGI MDT a little while ago and was impressed by the visual imagery displayed by the monitor and the depth of colour and detail that could be seen”. Sian Dennison, Lead Cancer Nurse and Manager.

We are really pleased with the new projecting microscope for the MDT room. It is very valuable for us to see both the histology that you demonstrate and the gross images from resection – as surgeons, we can appreciate the pathology of the tumour we have resected so much better than we could before. We are delighted with it. Many thanks. Mr Richard Berrisford, Consultant Oesophagogastric surgeon

I found viewing the images useful as I am new to this area and having a visual impression of the types of cancer enhances my understanding. Catherine Harden, Research Nurse.

“I think the addition of the digital microscope to the oesophagogastric MDT has been a real step forward. I think the ability to see the macroscopic as well as the microscopic material excellently projected has really advanced our appreciation of the pathology. I only wish that this facility was available in the other MDTs that I attend.” Dr Bruce Fox, Consultant GI Radiologist.


The Plymouth and Cornwall Cancer Fund has funded vairious pieces of equipment to support Radiotherapy and Radiotherapy Physics over the years (see Money Matters)and has recently fundded equipmemt needed to provide brachytherapy treatment at Derriford Hospital.