Supporting Cancer Education

The committee has funded:

  • Pilot of patient held records
  • Leaflets and patient information
  • Staff attendance at conferences and training courses
  • Local education events
  • Post graduate training
  • A local GP to deliver cancer and palliative care education

How to Apply for a Grant:
To support your application, healthcare professionals and staff caring for patients with cancer will need to provide the following:

– Description of the request
– Why it’s needed
– Why funding from PCCF is required
– How it will benefit patients
– Departmental support
– Total costs
– Any relevant evidence

For more information contact the secretary on 01752 220587

Please send all applications and relevant information to:


E Mail:


“I am very grateful to the Plymouth and Cornwall Cancer Fund for funding attendance at a national cancer nurse education event. Education is vital for staff to maintain their skills in order for them to deliver current evidence based cancer care.

This particular course helped me in several ways. First globally gaining understanding of the government’s latest changes in health care delivery and how it will impact cancer patients. Then the more specific detail of setting up an acute oncology service (which is in process of set up at Derriford). Finally evidence was presented of the benefits of setting up site specific survivorship programmes for patients to better self manage their recovery post treatment.”

Marilyn Bolter
UGI Oncology Nurse Specialist
Derriford Hospital